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About Us

About Us

The Blue Dog story

Blue Dog Business Services is a company that is focused on making the lives of business owners easier. Blue Dog was founded on the concept of taking complex products that businesses have to use as a part of doing business and putting them all under one roof in a simplified manner to help business owners focus on their business and not the products that help make it run.

The Founder of Blue Dog set out to create a company that truly was the “Best Friend to your Business”. The name “Blue Dog” has a very intriguing story behind it and below you will find an excerpt from the original Blue Dog business plan. 

original blue dog

The Original Blue Dog

“…Blue Dog was created using my experience in helping businesses achieve their goals with complex business products made simple. We also set out to create a sales distribution channel that is unparalleled in any business you will find. The name Blue Dog comes from a personal story about my son who was 5 years old at the time. He had his favorite stuffed animal since birth, a blue stuffed dog. Blue dog went everywhere with us, and one day my son lost it. My wife and I spent hours searching the house, car, yard and last places visited all to no avail.

Finally after what seemed like days we located Blue Dog and returned him to our son. At that moment when I saw my son embrace his little stuffed friend I realized that my new business services company should strive to mean the same thing to our sales people, employees and customers as that little blue dog meant to my son. So as each day passes and Blue Dog grows around the country my commitment to everyone on the team and the businesses that have trusted us to handle their needs is let us be your “blue dog” and make your business needs or career dreams come to fruition by doing the things that create longevity and build a long term relationship that is mutually beneficial to everyone involved…”

Corporate Overview

Going Local

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